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Film Review: Shockwave Darkside (2014)

Science fiction on a micro budget is difficult for me to review. While I am a huge fan of science fiction, sci-fi itself, especially the type represented here in Shockwave Darkside, is one that demands a large amount of effects work, script retooling, and other aspects that independent cinema is unable to match. Without the appropriate finances and team, you end up reducing what may have been an exceptional script down to a film you scan and pass over at Redbox. So, as long as the script is there and the thematic elements for a great story are present, I can overlook a lot of the faults that will make people skip upon first glance. With this film, Shockwave Darkside, the ambition to tell a fantastic story is clearly present, but that is about the only thing good going for it. Continue reading Film Review: Shockwave Darkside (2014)