Comic Book Review: The Goddamned #2

The Goddamned is set in a pre-flood world of the Bible’s Genesis. Using very little dialogue, this story is a brutal look at the depravity of humankind as they struggle to survive in a pre-apocalyptic world where God has essentially left them to run amok. Instead of telling us a grand, biblical story, Jason Aaron, along with the brutal artwork of R.M.Guéra, showcases smaller vingettes of brutal, teeth chattering violence, set in the landscape before God’s cleansing flood.
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Comic Book Review: Harrow County #8

Harrow County is easily the best comic horror has to offer. Frightening and beautiful, each page of this Southern Gothic tale presents itself as a storyboard to a film and paces as if you are watching the film. Writer Cullen Bunn (Sixth Gun) and artist Tyler Crook (B.P.R.D.) present one of the most perfect diads in comics working today. Both of their talents compliment each other to create a unique story that finds a new way to curdle your blood with each new issue.
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Film Review: The Legend of Wasco (2015)

When soon to be brother-in-law Byron discovers Tyler’s day job of dressing up as a clown at the local car wash, he comes up with a plan to have him dress up as Wasco, a local legend that just so happens to be a killer clown. Each night, the two venture out to a different area to take more photos and then post the pictures online, quickly becoming viral sensations. Soon the police discover each area to be the sight of grisly murders, drawing a connection to the two. As Tyler, Byron, and Christy will soon discover, their actions have unleashed a resurrection of Wasco and his killer clowns, not from outer space. Continue reading Film Review: The Legend of Wasco (2015)

Film Review: What Have You Done to Solange? (1972)

A classic giallo in every way, What Have You Done to Solange? features all of the staples you would expect. There is a killer donning black leather gloves, a hardened yet gentlemanly detective on the case, overly graphic murders, strange title, a batshit finale, and of course a haunting score. Embracing all of the troupes, Solange accomplishes more than most giallo and expands a rich story that goes above and beyond being your typical Italian slasher. Continue reading Film Review: What Have You Done to Solange? (1972)

Top 20 Books of 2015

Much like my list for Top 20 Films of 2015, this list is comprised of books that may have been released in 2015, re-released, or saw significant mass distribution in 2015. Some the following books are full length, novella, poetry, and even short fiction collections. Regardless of length or style, this represents the very best writing of 2015. Continue reading Top 20 Books of 2015

Film Review: Shockwave Darkside (2014)

Science fiction on a micro budget is difficult for me to review. While I am a huge fan of science fiction, sci-fi itself, especially the type represented here in Shockwave Darkside, is one that demands a large amount of effects work, script retooling, and other aspects that independent cinema is unable to match. Without the appropriate finances and team, you end up reducing what may have been an exceptional script down to a film you scan and pass over at Redbox. So, as long as the script is there and the thematic elements for a great story are present, I can overlook a lot of the faults that will make people skip upon first glance. With this film, Shockwave Darkside, the ambition to tell a fantastic story is clearly present, but that is about the only thing good going for it. Continue reading Film Review: Shockwave Darkside (2014)

Abaddon launches Extinction Biome


New military SF series to be penned by renowned military recluse (and his assistants)

Abaddon is delighted to announce a bold new military scifi series: Extinction Biome.

The brainchild of elusive (and fictional) military genius Addison Gunn, Extinction Biome is a new shared world in which some of the most talented new authors showcase their finest allaction SF under Gunns bulletproof umbrella. Continue reading Abaddon launches Extinction Biome